What Others Are Saying

“Juan Alanis understands the need to ensure agriculture can remain in the valley and the importance of water availability and reliability.”

Merced County Farm Bureau

“Sergeant Alanis will lead effort to fix California’s broken criminal justice system and protect families from crime.

Joe Alves, President
Stanislaus County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

“Sergeant Alanis will use his investigative skills to prevent inmates from scamming the system for $1 billion in unemployment benefits as they did during COVID.”

Assemblyman Heath Flora

 “Bipartisan leadership to fight the rising cost of living”


“Will work across party lines to make Valley lives better”

Senator Anthony Cannella (ret.)


“We appreciate your strong and constant support for Proposition 13 and your excellent service to taxpayers.”
Jon Coupal, Chairman
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC


“Sergeant Alanis worked to make schools safer and train firs responders to prevent active shooter situations.”


Superintendent Scott Kuykendall,                                                                                               Stanislaus County Office of Education


“Sergeant Alanis will lead the fight to keep dangerous prisoners behind bars and out of our neighborhoods.”

Glen Stailey, President, California                                                                                        Correctional Peace Officers Association

“Sergeant Alanis’ experience as a domestic violence and crimes against children detective is needed in the State Assembly.”

Brian Peterson, President                                                                                                                            Ceres Police Officers Association

“Juan will fight to improve the quality of care and ensure patients never lose access to care because of their medical history.”

Wendy Wong, Registered Nurse

Juan believes every Californian deserves an opportunity at a path off the street and will address the root causes of homelessness like mental health and substance abuse to advocate for resources to get people off the street and into more stable living situations.”

Keryn Serpa Whitlow, Registered Nurse