Leadership to Protect Our Families

Juan with his wife Barbara and children Spencer, Kayla, Corbin

“The rising cost of living, homelessness crisis, water shortage and rising crime rates are hurting the quality of our lives.

Join my fight to fix these problems and build the kind of future we all deserve.”


Juan Alanis

My Priorities:

Lower Prices at the Pump

California continues to have the most expensive price of gas in the nation. In 20 other states, gas is over a dollar cheaper per gallon.

Reducing the price of gas is essential to working-class families in the Valley.

That is why I support common-sense measures to get prices down now, such as suspending California’s gas tax, which tacks on an additional 54 cents a gallon, the 2nd highest gas tax in the nation.

Suspending the gas tax will save families billions of dollars.

“Valley families deserve relief from high gas prices. That’s why I will work to suspend the gas tax and help the average family save $1600/year.”

Juan Alanis

Fight the High Cost of Housing, Food, and Other Essentials

On average the cost of living is over 40% higher in California than the nationwide average.

Send me to Sacramento and I’ll put the focus on kitchen table issues like the high cost of housing, groceries, gas and prescription drugs.

I know firsthand how the high cost of housing is hurting folks. My eldest son just bought a house and I’ve seen how he has to sacrifice to make the payments. My younger son can’t afford to buy a home and is saving with the hope that housing becomes more affordable.

That’s why I will put a focus on reforming laws like CEQA that make California homes more expensive that the same house in another state.

Fight Higher Taxes

Valley residents are already dealing with skyrocketing inflation and a recession. They can count onme to oppose all efforts to raise property taxes, gas taxes, income taxes, and sales taxes on Californians.

Fighting Fraud, Corruption and Government Waste

I’m am a trained investigator who knows how to see through scams and schemes.

So I was sickened to learn that California taxpayers forked out $1 billion in fraudulent unemployment claims during COVID. Count on me to fight hard to ensure the California taxpayers are never ripped off like that again.

Make Health Care More Accessible and More Affordable

Ensuring all Californians have adequate access to healthcare is of the utmost importance to me.

And it is critical that we reduce the cost of care so a medical emergency does not bankrupt a family.

It is also essential that no patient is denied care because of their medical history.

I will always advocate for patients to consult with their doctors and make the best care health care choices for themselves.

I also support bolstering the physician workforce pipeline. The Valley is currently in a healthcare professional shortage. Out of California’s 58 counties, Merced has the 43rd worst physician-to-patient ratio. I am dedicated to pushing policies that would expand healthcare provider positions and incentivize physicians to serve in rural communities like ours.

The westside; Patterson, Newman, Gustine and surrounding communities have languished without a hospital for decades. I will make it my top priority to attract a hospital to the westside.

Invest in Education

I am a father of three who believes every child deserves a high-quality education.

I believe that parents should have a choice in how their children are educated, that teachers who perform well would be paid more, and that schools that fail our children should be held accountable.

Our students also deserve a safe learning environment. That is why I served as a school resource officer, worked closely with educators to make schools safer and taught first responders how to prevent active shooting situations.

Unfortunately, I have seen first-hand how some students can put others at risk by taking guns to school. In fact, I once disarmed a student by removing a gun from his waistband at the same time he was talking to a teacher. Man, was that teacher surprised!

Modesto Junior College is a great staple of our regional education system and has a great Career Technical Education (CTE) program that I strongly support.

But, we have seen the underfunding of public education result in basic functions being cut, such as school nurses and after-school programs and I will fight to ensure our school districts are fully funded to provide the best education possible for our children and set them up for success.

California’s public higher education system is among one of the best in the country, yet many of our own residents can’t afford to attend. I will push to make college more accessible for Valley residents by restructuring outdated grant criteria, advocating for increased student housing, and preserving investments in education.

“I served as a school resource officer and taught first responders how to respond to active shooter situations”

Juan Alanis

Protect Communities from Rising Crime

Violent crime rates in California have skyrocketed, homicides were up 31% in 2020 alone. Rates of property crimes and assaults have also risen. I will use my experience as a crimes against children detective, acting police chief and patrol watch commander to make our community

Keeping people safe involves keeping dangerous criminals out of our neighborhoods – but also helping victims of crimes like domestic violence get out of difficult situations. As a domestic
violence detective I not only apprehended those guilty of beating a spouse, but helped victims get the services and support they needed to start new lives. 

Sergeant Alanis earned three life-saving awards, including one for running into a burning apartment.


Reduce Homelessness

California has the highest rate of homelessness in the nation. Policies that have driven up the cost of living, made housing unattainable, and failed to give vulnerable individuals needed services have caused homeless numbers to skyrocket.

I believe every Californian deserves a path off the street, I will work hard to streamline support services and help individuals lead productive lives. I also believe we must address the root causes of homelessness and bolster investments in mental health resources and substance abuse resources to keep more people off the streets.

Ensure Clean, Reliable Water Supplies for the Valley

California is experiencing its third straight year of severe drought conditions, leading to more stress on one of the region’s largest economic drivers, agriculture.

I am a member of the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau and have long been supportive of efforts to improve water storage and delivery facilities so farms and families have clean, reliable water supplies.

California needs to take strides to bolster its water storage. In 2022, California experienced its driest winter months in 100 years. Reservoirs get us through dry seasons, without adequate investments in water infrastructure, California will continue to struggle to provide water for its residents.

Raising the San Luis Reservoir Dam 20 feet would create 130,000 acre-feet of new storage and enough water to supply at least 650,000 people for a year.

I also support the construction of the Sites Reservoir and the Temperance Flats dam which would supply water to more than 3 million Californians and bring much-deserved relief to Valley farmers. Investment in groundwater recharge and regional surface water projects will also help farms and families get the water they need.

Support Veterans and Servicemembers

Those who have served our country deserve our utmost respect and commitment to ensuring they come home to the services needed to reintegrate and lead healthy lives. Yet there are thousands of servicemembers living with service-related health issues in the Valley and struggling to access services. I will fight to expand access to care for veterans and ensure there is strong outreach for VA services, job training, and access to housing.