Leadership to Protect Our Families

Juan with his wife Barbara and children Spencer, Kayla, Corbin

“The rising cost of living, homelessness crisis, water shortage, and rising crime rates are hurting the quality of our lives. Join my fight to fix these problems and build the kind of future we all deserve.”

– Assemblyman Juan Alanis

Sergeant Alanis received three awards for saving the lives of others, including a decoration for rescuing a child whose father was trying to burn down a house with his daughter inside it.

Safer Neighborhoods

Juan has used his 27 years of law enforcement experience to make our families safer.

  • Punish Human Trafficking. Helped enact a new law that makes human trafficking of a minor a serious felony and increases penalties for that crime. Source: SB 14
  • Fighting Fentanyl Abuse. Worked to put a measure on the ballot that says any criminal convicted of the sale, transport, or manufacture of any illegal drug will be advised by the court that any death caused by those controlled substances could be charged as a homicide. This measure provides a key warning for those distributing illegal substances, while additionally providing a tool to prosecute those who kill people by knowingly selling them fentanyl. Source: ACA 12
  • Coauthored the “Fighting Fentanyl Bond Act of 2024” which would provide, upon voter approval, wide-ranging funding for mental health and educational programs as well as expansion of programs that target high-level drug traffickers aimed at addressing various aspect of the fentanyl crisis including. Source: AB 1510
  • Co-authored measures to enact Alexandra’s Law, which increases penalties for those who possess large amounts of fentanyl. Source: AB 890 & SB 44
  • Co-authored a measure to make it a felony to possess fentanyl while carrying a loaded, operable firearm. Source: SB 226
  • Protect Confidentiality of Victims of Child Abduction. Wrote a new law to better protect the privacy and identity of victims of child abduction by making them eligible for California’s Safe at Home address confidentiality program. Source: AB 243
  • Fight Catalytic Converter Theft. Backed a new law that enables repeat catalytic converter thieves to be more easily prosecuted. Source: AB 641

Making California More Affordable

Juan is a father of three who knows how inflation has hurt Valley families. That’s why he is focused on kitchen table issues like the high cost of housing, groceries, gas, and prescription drugs.

  • Reduce the Gas Tax. Juan is working to fix California’s highest-in-the-nation gas prices by working to suspend the gas tax and provide relief to hard-working Californians. Suspending the gas tax will save the average family $1600 a year.   Source: AB 53 & AB X1-2
  • Provide Middle Income Tax Relief. By authoring AB 17, Juan led efforts to lift the tax burden on the middle class and reduce tax rates on middle-income taxpayers. Source: AB 17
  • Keeping Taxes Down. Juan opposes efforts to water down Proposition 13 and raise our property taxes.
  • Lower Taxes on Items Needed by Pregnant Women. Juan backed a measure to improve health care options for pregnant women and reduce taxes on items like breastfeeding pumps that pregnant women need. Source: SB 257
  • Make Health Care and Prescription Drugs More Affordable

Making Families Healthier

  • Protecting Consumers from Dangerous Chemicals. Voted to ban cosmetics that contain toxic chemicals linked to health problems, including cancer, genetic defects, harm to unborn children, and organ damage. Source: AB 496, The Environmental Working Group
  • Improved Breast Cancer Insurance. Juan voted to mandate that diagnostic imaging following signs of breast cancer be covered by insurance. Source: SB 257
  • Capping the Price of Insulin. Millions of Golden State diabetics struggle with high insulin costs. That’s why Assemblyman Alanis voted to cap the insurance copay at $35 for a 30-day insulin supply. The copay limit was $250. Source: SB 90

Helping Those with Mental Health Concerns

  • Requiring Health Plans to Cover Mental Health. Juan was one of 5 Republicans who supported a measure to improve access to behavioral health crisis services by requiring health plans to cover treatment for urgent & emergent mental health and substance use disorders. Source: AB 1451
  • Assemblyman Alanis helped secure funding for “La Familia Central Valley” to establish a Mobile Mental Health Access Point in the 22nd Assembly District to expand mental healthcare access to rural and low-income communities. Source: CA State Budget
  • Juan voted to require the Department of Veterans Affairs to study mental health among women Veterans in CA. He also backed a measure to require providers delivering mental health crisis services through the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline to annually report on the number of veterans or active military personnel who used the service.   Source: AB 718, AB 988
  • Supportive housing for homeless veterans. Prioritizes low-income veterans who participate in the Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program (VHHP). Source: AB 1386

Protecting the Safety Net

  • Paid Family Leave. Worked to expand eligibility for benefits under the paid family leave program so families can better care for each other when someone is sick. Source: AB 518
  • Make Housing More Affordable. Reduces costs of developing low-income affordable housing by helping non-profits provide shelter to the underserved. Source: AB 84
  • Getting the Homeless Off the Streets. Juan believes every Californian deserves a path off the street and is working hard to streamline support services and help individuals lead productive lives. He also believes we must address the root causes of homelessness and bolster investments in mental health resources and substance abuse resources to keep more people off the streets.

Community Improvement Projects

Assemblymember Alanis also secured funding for the 22nd Assembly District on major projects throughout the community. Including:

  • Modesto’s local community clean-up project called Modesto MoBeautiful. This funding will support the city’s successful bulky item trash collection program to collect items like mattresses and e-waste to further the city’s beautification efforts.
    City of Modesto – Modesto MoBeautiful – $250,000
  • Awesome Spot Playground, a passion project for many residents of Modesto, has been an ongoing effort to bring a beautiful and inclusive fun space for children of all abilities that include sensory integration, graduating levels of physical and mental challenges, cognitive simplicity and opportunities for discovery, exploration and play.
    Awesome Spot Playground – $400,000